What is a medicated weight loss service?

We combine our proven diet and exercise programme with our medicated weight loss service to help you reach a healthy weight. You’ll have a consultation with our Doctor, who’ll explain how the service works and how to use it effectively to control your weight.

What treatments options are available in your medicated weight loss service?

We offer a range of non-prescription and prescription treatments with our service. Our medical team will determine your suitability and help you choose the right treatment programme for you.

Our treatment options range from daily or weekly injection pens, oral tablets and fat binder capsules, as well as nutrition and dietetic advice.

Who is this service suitable for?

The service is available for those aged between 18 & 75, whose BMI falls within a specific range.

The service may be suitable for you if:

How much does the service cost?

Our medicated weight management service begins at £249.  This includes a consultation with one of our medical team, who will track your progress and provide information and advice to support you on your weight loss journey. We’ll also provide you with a proven dietary plan and an exercise programme tailored to your ability.